May 2, 2023

Geek Of The Month!

Being a team of veteran sim racers with hundreds of years of collective experience creating and racing sims, any “how geeky is your sim rig” question is going to come up with some really cool hardware. 

But Vik Kolomiets’s definitely trumped everyone on the team when that question was asked on our internal forum.

For example, dozens of real-world rims!

“I see no point racing anything with a rim that is not exactly or at least a little bit matching any given car, in any sim. Luckily, I have ‘too many’ to suit any needs!” 

And it doesn’t stop there either, because he also has his own DIY pride and joy—a proper hydraulic handbrake! 

Can you out-do our Geek of the Month? Tag us a pic of your sim rig or craziest peripheral on our (@S4SimRacing) and we’ll run the best in next month’s Newsletter. 

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